I’m really liking what I see here. McConaughey looks to be continuing his hot streak, and while the cornfield and baseball scenes don’t portend a particularly exciting first act, the space stuff looks fucking fantastic. I love the fluid-filled sleep chambers and the design of the┬ápressure suits. Not surprisingly, I am reminded heavily of Contact, because it seems to share a similar tone, look, and a particular actor. I like Contact, and I like that Chris Nolan is going to bring us some really grand sci-fi with a solid cast. Michael Caine’s monologue in the trailer seems particularly indicative of the film’s tone, and it gives me chills.

My only concern is that Nolan’s last couple of films haven’t been as smart as they want to appear, so here’s hoping this one breaks that trend. Interstellar will arrive in US cinemas on November 7, and I’m in. Are you?