There’s not much I have to say to convince you all that Roberto Orci is a poor choice to direct the next Star Trek. He’s had a hand in waaaaay too many bad movies, and we all know it. Nevertheless, he’s been officially confirmed as director after several weeks of serious speculation.

How strange that a filmmaker with no professional directing experience and two writers (J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay) with no professional screenwriting credits would tackle one of Paramount’s biggest franchises. None of this seems right.

The only common factor (other than the collaboration of Alex Kurtzman and the quality of the writing) between Orci’s most recent films is that they’ve made a TON of money overseas. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 raked in about 73% of its earnings in foreign markets, while stateside revenues declined pretty sharply.

There’s no reason to suspect that this next Star Trek won’t be very different from something like The Amazing Spider-Man 2: a chain of colorful action sequences that will dazzle audiences worldwide, and may pass through American cinemas like shit through a goose. Maybe Orci can pull that kinda flick off, but only time will tell.