If any of you had the opportunity to attend the Nine Inch Nails concerts in Sacramento, Victoria or Portland last year and you saw weird dudes with big ass HD cameras and thought security must have been pathetically crappy, you were wrong.

Trent Reznor hinted about a “gift” he was preparing for the fans on the NIN official website. And that gift has finally arrived:

Over 400GB of raw HD footage from 3 different concerts have been made available for fans and anyone interested to download, edit, and enjoy. HUGE GIFT!

This is particularly great for fans who could not attend any of the shows and for those who want to practice multicam editing. And if you’re like me – a fan who happens to be an editor, that has never been able to attend a NIN concert and wants to practice multicam editing -, this gift is even better.

So get ready for the longest download time in the history of the internet and enjoy the gift that keeps on giving.


You can find download instructions here.