In a move that will surprise none of you, Bloody-Disgusting has announced that a third V/H/S anthology is in the works, and it will be called V/H/S Viral. While the title isn’t doing anything for me, the roster of filmmakers has some really promising names on it. They are:

  • Marcel Sarmiento (Deadgirl)
  • Nacho Vigalondo (Timecrimes)
  • Gregg Bishop (Dance of the Dead)
  • Todd Lincoln (The Apparition)
  • Justin Benson & Aaron Moorehead (Resolution)

Sarmiento is a good choice for found footage, because he’s got great eye. He won’t be satisfied with poor shot compositions and crummy camera work. His D is for Dogfight segment in The ABCs of Death was one of the best entries in the entire anthology, along with Nacho Vigalondo’s A is for Apocalypse. Vigalondo is one of my favorite Spanish filmmakers, and his sci-fi comedy Extraterrestrial was one of my favorites of 2012. Todd Lincoln’s only feature credit to his name is The Apparition, a hilariously awful film. I’m not familiar enough with Gregg Bishop to have an opinion on him, but I’m quite anxious to see what Benson & Moorehead can bring to the anthology. Their Resolution was a really intriguing little movie, packed with some very clever mindfucks and meta-jokes.

All of the directors share writing credit along with TJ Cimfel and Dave White. A release date hasn’t surfaced yet, but sales will begin at this year’s Cannes.