Home video rights can be a real bitch. Case in point: Scream Factory posted this on their Facebook page today:

“Sorry guys but there’s been a change of plans for our upcoming Collector’s Edition release of Dog Soldiers that we need to make you aware of…

Due to unforeseen issues on clear ownership of the rights, we are forced to move the title off of its planned August 26th release. Rest assured, we are doing everything we can to work out a solution to bring this back into our scary fold but, as of now, the street date is undetermined and there is a strong possibility of it moving to early 2015.

As always, we will keep you guys posted on any developments. Our apologies again.”

In short, we may have to wait nearly another year to see Neil Marshall’s killer debut on a Blu-Ray that’s worth a damn. I’m especially bummed, because werewolf movies are my thing, and Dog Soldiers is one of my all time favorites. A recent re-watch on DVD confirmed just how much the film deserves some 1080p HD love, because the Region 1 transfer is crap. Scream Factory hasn’t announced if they’ll be doing a new HD transfer, but I understand the HD transfer currently floating around is not great. Whatever the case may me, we likely won’t know until sometime in early 2015.