Earlier this evening, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Judy Greer (one of the only good things about Kim Peirce’s Carrie), Katie McGrath (NBC’s Dracula), and the adorably nerdy Lauren Lapkus (Orange is The New Black) will be joining the already sizable cast of Universal’s Jurassic World.


To me, this is great news. This makes for the largest supporting female cast in a Jurassic Park film thus far. It’s great to see that the film will be populated with talented women who won’t relegated to background roles. Bryce Dallas Howard’s character has been revealed as a scientist, and it gives me high hopes that the film might feature these other women in scientist roles, too. I’ve had a long-standing character crush on Jurassic Park‘s Ellie Sattler, an accomplished nerd (paleobotanist) who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. We gotta get more women in good scientist roles.

Another character detail that has bubbled to the surface is that Chris Pratt’s character is a rugged ex-military man, working at the film’s resort as a dinosaur wrangler. Seems like a good fit for Pratt, who’s played the gruff military type before.

In related news, more concept art from the film has appeared, detailing the interiors of the resort’s exhibits. Check it out below!