While sifting through Vimeo’s staff picks (a reliable source for amazing short films), I came across a horror short called Child Eater, which was written, directed, and edited by Icelandic filmmaker¬†Erlingur Thoroddsen. The familiar baby sitter setup isn’t what caught me here, so give it a few minutes to get going.

While any seasoned horror fan has already seen plenty of stuff in the same vein, it’s hard to argue that Thoroddsen doesn’t make it look and sound great. That walk up the stairs near the nine-minute mark held some genuine tension. ¬†The short has now screened at SXSW, The Reykjavik International Film Festival, The New York Horror Film Festival, and several other events.

Thoroddsen and crew obviously squeezed every penny that they could out of this short’s budget. He doesn’t want to stop there, though– he wants to expand Child Eater into a feature. There are plans to heighten the Argento and Carpenter inspired aesthetic, and incorporate some Icelandic folklore into the film’s plot.

As you might expect, he’s turned to the internet for help. Child Eater‘s Kickstarter campaign is now underway, and there are about two weeks left to pledge. The campaign’s goal is $15,000, which is ultra-low for a feature. If the short looks this good for less, imagine what he could do with more. Depending on your pledge amount, you could receive exclusive updates about the picture, see your name in the credits, or even visit the set. The campaign ends on April 18. They’re not even a third of the way to their goal yet, so if this is your thing, show Child Eater some love.