Strider Logo resizeCapcom have spilled the beans on the upcoming Strider reboot, giving us a release date – February 19th – and a price: EURO14.99/GBP 11.99, which should translate to about 20 of your stinking capitalist Yankee dollars.

In addition, Capcom have announced the addition of two new Challenge Modes to the game: Beacon Run, a ‘speed run’ mode that appears to pit players against each other in level-based time trials, and Survival Mode which focuses on player’s combat skills, with a variety of loadouts available to be employed against a stream of increasingly more powerful enemies.

Global leaderboards will be available  for both of these modes, as well as for the main Story Mode, and players will also be able to collect the costumes of fallen Striders which can be used in the game’s customization mode to create your own unique Strider Hiryu.

Strider_Announce_city_gate02_1374220319We’ve been waiting for this gorgeous-looking reboot with bated breath here at MCP, and if the game truly lives up to the arcade original like we hope it will these additions should only serve to add to the fun. Capcom/developer Double Helix are promising “the same franchise hallmarks of fluid, lightning quick combat and ground breaking free-flowing traversal”  in what’s shaping up to be an at least very pretty game.

Strider will release on PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Steam, so everyone will have a chance to get their scarf, blade and impractical-but-awesome cartwheel jump on.