Doctor StrangeIt was only a matter of time before superhero films would come knocking at Johnny Depp’s door.

Latino Review says that Marvel is eyeing  Depp to play Doctor Strange in their long-awaited film adaptation of the classic comic book character. While other names have been tossed around in the past, Depp is the biggest star to be mentioned for the part. And, as we both know, Depp can definitely play strange. Throw a whacky costume and eyeliner on the guy and he is good to go!

Variety points out that while Marvel may want the Oscar nominee, nothing is set in stone and talks haven’t even officially started. This is a long way from being a done deal. Depp’s got a lot on his plate including another Pirates of the Caribbean film and (sigh) the second Alice in Wonderland picture. However, Doctor Strange would also be a Disney project so maybe they could make it all work out.

For those who don’t know, Doctor Strange was a former surgeon who, after a severe accident and training with the Ancient One, becomes Sorcerer Supreme and primary protector of Earth. Strange does battle with all sorts of magical and mystical baddies and, well, just thinking about him on the big screen sounds damn exciting.

Depp would obviously play the shit out of the part and it’s really surprising he hasn’t played a comic book character already. As well, Doctor Strange would require a big name to carry it since the character isn’t as well known as Captain America or Iron Man. Considering the success Depp has had with Pirates and Alice this seems like a no brainer for Disney and Marvel. Now let’s just see if it actually pans out.