Dinobots (1)

Let’s take this one with a meteor-sized grain of salt.

AICN (via Seibertron) has images of  new Transformers toy packaging that shows off…Dinobots? Well, that’s definitely what it looks like. You can see a whole slew of Dinobots on the box above (another image is below). No doubt about it, they are dinosaur robots and, thusly, they are awesome.

Seibertron claims these are packaging mock-ups for an upcoming line of Transformers: Age of Extinction toys. Now, the box in the picture doesn’t state that it’s an official movie tie-in but rumors about the Dinobots appearing in Michael Bay’s upcoming blow-’em-up blockbuster have been running rampant for awhile now. However, Mark Wahlberg, Bay and the rest of the folks involved have kept their mouths shut about who will or won’t appear in the film.

The box above might be an official Age of Extinction toy, meaning the Dinobots will almost certainly be in the film. Then again, it might just be a new line of Transformers toys. One thing is certain: I want some god damn Dinobots toys!

Dinobots (2)