Poor guy. All his friends sprung from the ground really pretty competent with a sword and shield. I guess it’s just a question of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sorta like how that girl revived Jason instead of her poor ‘ole Pa in The New Blood. It would have been pretty rad if she resurrected Jay with a sword and shield though.

So Rated AARGH! has a new home! For anyone new to the comic (which is most likely the majority of you) a new one appears magically every Wednesday morning, though if you’re sneaky you can usually catch a glimpse of it late Tuesday night. It usually has something to do with movies and movie monsters, though there will be the occasionally random strip which breaks all the rules, because sometimes you just have to cross the streams. Unless you are at a rest stop, than that’s probably a bad idea. But anyway, hope ya like ’em!

Oh yeah, and those buttons up top don’t work yet as I have to transfer all the old comics over. I will be attending to that directly, I promise. (Alex’s note- Check out the full archive of the incredible Rated AARGH! right here on Creature Corner till we get things going on this side!)