Seriously. Show us nothing more. This looks perfect. Jason Clarke as a lead. PERFECT.

And from Miles:


After the last few weeks of trailers, I’m much more optimistic about the Summer of 2014 than I am about the impending clusterfuck of branded content we’ll have dumped on us in 2015. That’s not to say that the Planet of the Apes franchise isn’t branded, but something about this revitalized series doesn’t strike me as particularly money grubbing or calculated. They put in some truly impressive work with Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the movie surprised me in a major way. I’m willing to concede that the goodwill generated from that film is having a halo effect on this trailer, but I love the cast and Matt Reeves’ filmography is,  if nothing else, full of watchable movies. If the worst case scenario is a movie I can watch on cable on a lazy Sunday a few years from now, well, that would pretty much fall in line with the rest of the Apes movies.

Also, did anyone else think the monologue that runs through the trailer was being recited by William Sadler? I watched it on my glary phone twice before seeing it again on a computer, and I now realize its Gary Oldman, who I forgot was even in this thing. Fun fact.

Expect at least another trailer or two with some plot points between now and July 11, 2014. For now, they’re selling that photo-realistic ape face HARD.