270f15c2cc1d5adb7396bac380a941f8FX broadcasts some of the best, most idiosyncratic comedy on TV today, and they appear to love their talent in a way that translates to money. In the latest of a series of packaged deals with creators, Louis C.K.’s company Pig Newton has a deal to develop an undefined number of new series with the network.

The deal includes a stipulation that Louis can write and or direct any of the series if he so chooses, but this is ultimately an arrangement that will allow him to foster shows from others and craft them under his umbrella. So while this doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to effectively get a second Louie from him, it does mean that the one of our greatest comic minds is going to be responsible for a bigger slice of what we see in the coming years. And then yeah, we may get a second full-on Louis C.K. show out of it. Definitely a great thing. Similar deals have been struck with the talent behind Always Sunny and Archer (also great things!).

Ultimately I’m just excited to see anything that Louis decides is worth his time. He’s become one of those artist who has taken the time to gather experiences, develop a worldview and craft a voice that allows him to become a content prism- shine light through him and beautiful shit comes out. If it’s a movie, another show, a tour, a book, whatever… I can pretty much trust that the result will be thoughtful, interesting, sick and funny. That’s what happens when you survive past your refusal to compromise and then prove something.

Louie returns next May after the comic’s year-long break from the show.


Source | Deadline