When hordes of rats are acting weird, you know some heavy shit is on the way. If I ever see a large group of rats acting bizarre then I am getting the Hell out of Dodge. That’s why I could never live in New York. Well, that and the humidity.

Debuting during this Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, the viral video below is the first bit of marketing for Guillermo del Toro’s FX series The Strain. Based on the book series by del Toro and Chuck Hogan, the show is about an ancient vampire virus that begins transforming normal citizens into rabid bloodsuckers.

The video is short, creepy and clever. In between the two brief scenes you’ll notice some very quick, very small words. Those words are “He Is Here” and I don’t have to tell you that sounds ominous. I don’t know who he is but if he’s friends with these rats then I have no interest in him!

It was clever of FX to debut this spot during The Walking Dead.  Obviously the two shows will share some similarities and fans of one will likely dig the other. Let’s just hope The Strain has more story to propel it forward and doesn’t constantly tread water.

The Strain hits the small screen in July 2014.