gameofthronesgameAmidst all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the launch of the XBox One, IGN dropped what appears to be the best news we’ve gotten all year. According to “multiple sources”, and bolstered by a Reddit AMA with Telltale co-founder Dan Connors where he stated they were working on “a few licenses that definitely fall into our dream IP scenario”, Telltale Games will be applying that thing they do to making a Game of Thrones title.

Obviously, Telltale is in total “neither confirm or deny” mode on this so, no clue on what that entails, when it’ll take place, and if it’s just 12-14 hours of beating Joffrey in the face with a cinder block (unlockable Walking Dead salt lick with Gamestop pre-order?) But my God, what if it’s true? Screw another medieval RPG, I want to decide to backstab some royals for fun and profit.  Telltale hitching their wagon to this universe is ready-made brilliant. Please be true.

UPDATE 12/8/13–IT’S TRUE. 2014. Have a teaser, courtesy the Spike VGAs.

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