If there was a way to attach an exaggerated sigh to an email, I would love to send one to Yahoo about my immediate reaction whenever I see they’re hosting a trailer.

Bitching about crappy web video players aside, here we have a trailer for Arnold’s next actioner, Sabotage. The former Governer has kind of taken over Statham’s yearly B-action momentum since his political retirement, and this time he’s teamed with David Ayers. Not bad. I’ve still got End Of Watch on my queue, but this looks to be cut from similar cloth. Worthington is around, with a weird beard. This will play well with the Shooter crowd, guaranteed.

This one was shot in Atlanta, so I see a lot of familiar backdrops behind the explosions. I also remember the traffic I sat in because of them.

Sabotage hits theaters April 11th, 2014.