She’s back. And this time, we’re finally out of the Damsel In Distress pool, and into virgin territory, the gendering of characters, subtitled “Ms. Male Character”. The point is pretty much made early, and just exemplified through the 25 minutes here, but still kinda necessary for pointing out the pervasiveness. The bit about the egg-white female Angry Bird (the one with the egg bombs. Also, the best one, don’t get it twisted), and how she got feminized for the cartoon is just eye-rollingly disappointing. Still, I think my favorite bit is the breakdown of Pac-Man and the Missus as the gamer creation myth. And once again, it’s the laziness she’s railing against, not the trope itself.  We clear, MRA folks?

No idea if we’re moving onto the next topic here, but I guess we’ll all find out after the New Year.

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