Bryan Singer is now, officially, the CEO of X-Men movies. That’s got to be how it feels, anyway. He’s been steering this franchise on and off for the last 13 years, directing¬†or producing the lions’ share of a series that have made his corporate overlords hundreds of millions of dollars. The man responsible for The Usual Suspects is long, long gone.

Today he posted something on twitter and everyone is (reasonably) assuming its an announcement for the next installment in the franchise: X-Men: Apocalypse.

16 years of X-Men movies, guys. I couldn’t have imagined that this is what we’d still be talking about all these years later, or that comic book movies would have dominated movie discussion the way they have. If we haven’t collectively felt burnt out by the seemingly endless dissection of pre-release casting rumors, images and trailers, know that we have at least another three years to get there.

I never read “Age of Apocalypse,” which is the storyline most fans are assuming will be adapted, but I remember it coming at a time when Marvel gave the majority of their characters Manga influenced makeovers, so we’ll see if that makes the jump to film. From what I understand, it’s an alternate timeline story wherein Xavier died before he could found the X-Men and Magneto leads the team. Right?