What follows is potentially a spoiler (although if this picture is legit, you’ll be spoiled by the toys and trading cards and whatever else in about 30 days). It looks a little phony to me, but it looks more real than any previous phony Two Face picture. It comes from Lying in the Gutters, a column that has a better than average accuracy rate. It should also be noted that his is being billed as concept art, not a finished version.

You’ve been warned.

Well, it was real. Warner Bros sent us legal notice to remove it.

I know that you’re going to think I’m just being a negative nancy here, but… ew. In case you were concerned that The Dark Knight would be anything but a grim slog through horror, you can set your mind at ease now. I wonder how parents are going to react when they take the kids to a PG-13 movie and see this nightmare generator. But for everybody else who demands the ultra-realistic escapades of a fruit in a leather batsuit, this is your dream come true.