AND it’s a Christmas movie!

The American Film Market is currently underway in Santa Monica. I’ve never been there personally, but an excerpt from their website tells us this:

Over 8,000 industry leaders converge in Santa Monica for eight days of deal-making, screenings, seminars, networking and parties. Participants come from over 70 countries and include acquisition and development executives, agents, attorneys, directors, distributors, festival directors, financiers, film commissioners, producers, writers, the world’s press all those who provide services to the motion picture industry.

From what I understand about this event, filmmakers from all over the world, some with completed movies, some with proof of concept posters/artwork, show up and try to sell their films. Obviously, not everything gets made/sold.

Which brings us to The Three Dogateers Save Christmas. What constitutes a “Dogateer”? Christmas saving abilities seem to be a factor. I guess it also helps if you can pull off a floppy hat with an enormous feather while maintaining a distain for cameras. God, that Dogateer on the left is the best.

This poster, as well as nine others, comes courtesy of Variety, who chose to highlight “The 10 Most Outrageous Posters from AFM”. I haven’t had the benefit of seeing everything on display, but I found most of Variety’s other choices to be a bit obvious. There seem to be a lot of Sharknado-type posters at this event each year (in fact, I think last year’s AFM started the buzz for that film). I’m not particularly into the idea of arranging magnetic fridge poetry to create titles for films (I’m looking at you, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), but proof of concept posters are almost as old as the B-movie itself, so this is just more in a long, proud tradition of hucksterism.

Here’s the other poster on their list that caught my eye:


At least it’s not photoshopped

Is Bigfoot Wars another sequel to The Legend of Boggy Creek? Nope. It’s a prequel! Let’s pool our resources and make this one happen, everyone. I need to know how Bigfoot’s parents (C. Thomas Howell and Judd Nelson, judging from the poster) met and consummated their love for one another in a boggy creek.