Jackson 1408Who would have thought that Stephen King, John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson would go so well together?

Variety says Jackson will co-star with John Cusack in Cell, based on the Stephen King novel about a bizarre signal that transforms everyone holding a cell phone into animalistic, violent zombie monsters. Cusack and director Tod “Kip” Williams have been attached to the project for awhile but Jackson’s inclusion is brand new. He’ll be playing Tom McCourt, who befriends Cusack’s character after all of Boston (and seemingly the world) goes totally bath salts.

As you and I both know, Cusack and Jackson co-starred in 1408, another Stephen King adaptation. And, hey, it was one of the better King adaptations. Does the same fate await Cell?

The story seems rather flat and uninspired but the book ended up being a lot of fun and was surprisingly compact compared to most of King’s recent work. It also had a killer ending that ticked some people off. While King doesn’t write his books for Hollywood, you could tell this one was going to be a movie, it just screams horror film. Eli Roth was attached to direct right out of the gate but his production fell apart and Cell faded away. Now it’s back and is putting together a talented little cast. Will it be more 1408 or more Dreamcatcher? Oh boy, let’s pray for the former.