Someone at Lionsgate must be eager to have “From the producer of The Conjuring and Insidious” appear on screen for one of their trailers.

I’m actually surprised it took them this long to get another Saw sequel in theaters (or a remake, it’s only been three years, but don’t put it past them). The last few didn’t make the same kind of money as the first few, but they make these things for whatever it costs to pay Tobin Bell’s alimony (allegedly), so the risk/reward is most definitely in their favor.

Bloody Disgusting writes:

“There appears to be no rush on Lionsgate’s part as they’re seeking the perfect take to move forward. There were rumblings of a remake, while many insiders tell us they want to continue with Saw 8.”

Yeah, but no. It’s already been three years since Saw 3D and it’ll be another year even if they start shooting next Spring for a 2014 Halloween release. The Saw movies got a lot of play on IFC this October, but that marathon played like a retrospective of a dead franchise, much like AMC’s airing of the Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street films. Do they want to risk another year or two out of theaters while the franchise that put them in their place (Paranormal Activity) drops two movies in 2014?

It’ll be tough without a script, which it sounds like they don’t have. And as anyone who’s seen one of those movies knows, there’s a strangely complicated mythology/timeline in place that gets weirder with every film. They’d better get cracking on more Crypt Keeper-style pun-traps, ASAP.