CAPTAIN AMERICAHey, superhero fans, how would you like a side of Marvel sequel with your main course of Marvel sequel? How much comic book goodness can you handle?

Marvel Studios announced that it’ll be showing roughly five minutes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier before all 3D North American showings of Thor: The Dark World. Though you’ll probably catch the new Thor on opening weekend (November 8th), the five minutes of Cap will play during the entirety of the film’s run in theaters.

Will the five minutes just be a glorified extended trailer incorporating footage we’ve already seen? Probably but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, that first Winter Soldier trailer was a real winner. That being said, I’m usually against seeing sneak peeks of films months before they debut. Call me a purist but I like going in as fresh as possible.

In this writer’s opinion, Captain America: The First Avenger was probably the best pre-Avengers Marvel film and stands alone incredibly well despite the tacked-on Nick Fury cameo at the end. However, it didn’t blow up the box office like Iron Man or Thor. So I’m all for more attention being given to Steve Rogers and his return to solo crime-fighting. Play this in front of Thor! Play it in front of Catching Fire! Hell, play it front of Free Birds! Cap deserves the hype.