That pic should say it all right there. There was a little bit of worry there that Telltale wasn’t going to take this to its obvious next step, due to some scattered moron dissatisfaction online about playing as a little girl, but lo and behold, yup, Clementine’s your huckleberry this time around. A little bit older, a little bit wiser, and beset on all sides by undead assholes. Your first teaser trailer is below, showing off some very familiar places, and a familiar voice. Also below are the first screenshots, showing Clem wheeling, dealing, and surviving on her own.

No release dates just yet, though Episode 1 is expected to hit before the year is through. For those of you still trying to play catch up no matter how many times they put Season 1, Episode 1 up for free, they also announced a Game of the Year edition of the first season, bundling in 400 Days, the game’s soundtrack, and some behind-the-scenes material for good measure, which will also be out by year’s end.


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