Well this looks talky. X-Men: First Class is fantastic and it laid the groundwork for a more cerebral and mature X-movie and Bryan Singer left the franchise with a flourish with X2 so all signs point to his return and the continuation of strong storytelling to bear fruit. This trailer seems to be tasked with wrapping minds around the melding of actors old and new and in condensing a rather epic storyline from the comics into one film. As a result it’s heavy on dialogue and low on wattage. Not a lot of stuff to get excited about short of drama. The lack of a major villain hurts and being able to see the majestic Peter Dinklage in only one shot is a saddity*. This has always been the thinking man’s Marvel franchise and Singer’s return comes at a good time. Nothing to worry about here. They have plenty of time to show the goods.

Thanks to Judas Booth for the head’s up.

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* Sad oddity. New word I built for this article. You’re welcome.