… and if you don’t believe me go here:


Really, does anyone else ever feel like people just have too much damn time on their hands? At the bottom of the link there is a sound sample from the doll – I for one do not even see how these nonsensical noises could be mistaken for any form of the apparent messages. This reminds me a lot of the 80’s and all these bored housewives who sat around playing their teenage kids’ Zeppelin and Sabbath records backwards looking for hidden messages about Satan and suicide. Why is it those parents are always the ones that can’t see that, ‘gee, my kid shot himself – maybe it wasn’t Ozzy’s milquetoast Bark at the Moon album – maybe it was the fact that I keep twelve loaded rifles out in the open at home.’

This is the audio equivalent of a Rorschach test people  – the person hearing the sound is where the meaning comes from – so what does that tell you about these people hearing messages about Islam and Satan? It tells me this country and probably people in general just love to be afraid and want, no need to have a ‘bad guy’; an evil force to fear is plotting against them at all times. This explains a lot of popular religion, mob mentality and sociological trends that have shaped the quote unquote civilized world for the last fifty years.


Speaking of backward messages in music, I remember in the 80’s hanging out with my friend and spinning his dad’s old KISS records backwards. Only thing I ever heard was an improvement on the otherwise shit music encoded on that wax disc.


However, for a really good discussion about the magickal encodings (note: magickal does not necessarily equal evil) Jimmy Page may or may not have worked into Zep IV, grab 331/3’s little book on the album*, written by west coast techno-wizard extraordinaire Erik Davis. It actually gave me back my appreciation and then some for what used to be my least favorite Zeppelin album (but even as a least favorite, I love ’em all!!!) Great book. And for Satan talking dolls, my money is on Barbie.


* http://www.amazon.com/Led-Zeppelins-Zeppelin-IV-33/dp/0826416586/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1228710647&sr=8-1