gravityshortAlfonso Cuarón’s Gravity has exerted quite the pull on the box office the last three weeks, with the film confidently set for a +250m run. And while I’m not necessarily looking forward to the experience of the film shifting from theatrical to home video, this is definitely going to be a huge Blu-ray release.

Aside from the film itself and hopefully some extensive looks at the insane production techniques on this film, turns out there will be a very special short film attached as well. You may have already come across the fact that Gravity co-screenwriter Jonás Cuarón wrote and directed a companion short for the feature, which spends seven minutes with the Inuit tribesman who **spoiler** makes radio contact with Dr. Ryan Stone during her nightmarish journey in low-earth-orbit during the course of Cuarón’s feature film.

The film is said to be very touching in a way that specifically complements the themes in Gravity. It played at the Venice Film Festival, though there are no current plans for other screenings. While one would have always assumed it would be a home video release feature, Criticwire has confirm this explicitly with a WB rep.

I’ll be keeping an eye out to see if the short makes an appearance in another venue or online before then, however.