I always assumed everyone in Hollywood knew to stay on Mark Wahlberg’s good side. Someone should tell that to the cast of Entourage.

You see, they were planning to make a film based on the hit HBO show. I know, it seems silly because the show pretty much said all there was to say about Vinnie Chase and his merry band of bros. That is, we saw them have a lot of sex, do a lot of drugs and come out completely unscathed. Just like real life!

Development was moving along, with series creator Doug Ellin getting the green light to direct the feature. And the cast would all return right? Well, maybe not. Apparently negoiations with some of the stars got complicated. Producer Wahlberg commented on it when wandering through LAX last week, telling a photographer that they’d make the movie when “them guys stop being so greedy.” (Classic Wahlberg burn)

So who is being greedy? All of them? Surely not Turtle, Turtle said he’d do it for free. And even Jeremy Piven is being a team player. So who is gumming up the works?

All eyes have turned to Adrian Grenier, who has stayed mum on the whole kerfuffle. Until now. Taking to Instagram, Grenier gave his fans this take on the situation:


So it is about money. In Grenier’s mind, he’s fighting for the entire brotherhood (including us, I’m not sure what that means) and is making sure everyone gets a fair cut. While that’s all good in principle, it seems like he is the only one with reservations. I guess we haven’t heard from Kevin Dillon but I assume he’s game. Is this truly a team effort? Who is really fighting for a higher paycheck? As I said, some cast members are pledging to do it for free!

Truth be told, I couldn’t care less about an Entourage film. Though I watched every episode of the show I have little desire to see the further adventures of this brotherhood. This off-screen drama, however, is getting interesting. Far more interesting than any episode of Entourage anyway.