Plato_R5-682x1024Plato’s Reality Machine is a new independent film that looks like it was handcrafted specifically for the Halo, Deadspace and Mass Effect crowd. The story centers around a group of New Yorkers that are all trying to escape reality through video games while dealing with the harsh realities of love, obsession and rejection. Director Myles Sorensen has crafted a unique genre-bending film here and while the animation sequences where characters are immersed in gameplay have a style that may turn off some audiences, the film as a whole looks definitely watchable. Here’s the official summary:

Platoʼs Reality Machine is an ensemble portrait of the modern relationship, as it currently exists in the wilds of New York. Three men: Charles, Josie and Scott, and three women: Maggie, Kim, and Zoe, crash into each other in a tangled web of late nights, painful mornings, hurt feelings and one ill-advised trip to a strip club. Itʼs a non-linear story of ex-girlfriends and brand new boyfriends, of one night stands and single men getting cats.

Itʼs a story of the timeless quest for a real human connection, however short- lived. A mysterious video-game adventure interweaves with reality television inspired confessionals and traditional narrative stories to offer a fresh and modern twist on the “relationship movie”. Get ready to get lost. Lost in the game, lost in love, lost in Platoʼs Reality Machine.

My biggest interest in this is the excellent score by former KMFDM and PIG frontman Raymond Watts. The music for the film is currently available for download on the artist’s Bandcamp site located HERE. It’s an album that I cannot recommend strongly enough for fans of electronic and industrial music. It easily falls into the category of being one of the best independent albums of 2013.

Take a look at the trailer below and check out the song Dominator from the soundtrack.