We’ve been hearing about this Paranormal Activity spin-off for awhile now. We haven’t known much but this has been said from the start: it’ll be found footage and it’ll involve a Latino cast. Now comes the first trailer that confirms that. It also confirms that The Marked Ones is definitely another Paranormal Activity film.

Yes, this movie will have all the regular scares and thrills of previous PA flicks. It even is heavily tied into the mythology revolving around Katie and her sister. Was I hoping for a new story independent and able to stand on its own? Sure, but you take what you get at this point in the franchise.

Sadly, the series feels a bit tired now. I was quite the fan of Paranormal Activity and its direct sequel but things started to get a little shaky around the third one and now I think a break is justified and needed. As I said, I was hoping The Marked Ones would get me excited about these films again but it looks like it’s just more of the same. Doesn’t mean it’ll be bad but how many times can you see an angry spirit throw somebody in the air?

Paranormal Activity: The Marked One opens this January.