ant-man-boxartboxart_160wOn paper Ant-Man seems like a third tier superhero property at best. In the hands of Edgar Wright it’s a first tier superhero property at worst. As work steamrolls ahead two names have surfaced for the titular tiny role: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd. Both are terrific talents but in my humble opinion we’ve seen enough of Mr. Levitt lately, especially with the Batman connection. Rudd is a perfect choice. His grasp of humor and timing is greatly compatible with Edgar Wright’s mile-a-second wit and nerdy brilliance. Plus Rudd is familiar enough to not be a completely off the radar choice. Best yet, though he’s been working for what seems like two decades he’s not overexposed himself or become pigeonholed.

More as it comes but not a bad start for what bodes to be a great little project.