The newest trailer for George Clooney’s The Monuments Men paints a more detailed picture of this exciting World War II ensemble film. For these characters the mission is simple: save the art, preserve history. Right out of the gate, Clooney’s Lieutenant George Stout states that we must acknowledge the consequences if the foundation of modern society is destroyed. This looks to be a film about war, culture and humanity and I couldn’t be more psyched about a group of olds making their way to the front lines with orders to stop the Nazis from destroying the world’s greatest works of art. Have a look.

While the narrative of the film looks inspired, just the cast alone should get everyone to put this on their watch list. George Clooney is owning the box office right now from space and Matt Damon and Cate Blanchett are fairly hot off of two films that should have both garnered far more praise than they earned; but to include Bill Murray, Bob Balaban and John Goodman in this film about dinosaurs in over their heads is just brilliant casting that instantly elevates the film to being something special. On top of all that you have Jean Dujardin smiling at you while painting a wartime pin-up girl on a fuselage.

The Monuments Men gets released on December 18 so get ready to spend Christmas in the trenches.