Blade Runner

Surely you’re aware of Blade Runner 2  and surely you are very, very concerned. On one hand, it’s Ridley Scott returning to one of his classic cinematic universes. On the other hand, it’s Ridley Scott returning to one of his classic cinematic universes. Let’s just say this: I’d be much more jazzed if Prometheus didn’t end up being a big ol’ “meh”.

Still, it’s happening. Scott is attached to direct, Michael Green (that guy who wrote Green Lantern) is going to rewrite Hampton Fancher’s script and Alcon Entertainment swears up and down that this thing is moving  full speed ahead. But the biggest question has been about Harrison Ford: will he return as Rick Deckard? According to the actor, it’s likely.

Speaking about Ender’s Game with IGN, Ford said he and Scott have been “chatting” about Blade Runner 2. He went on to say “I truly admire Ridley as a man and as a director and I would be very happy to engage again with him in the further telling of this story.” That’s a very clinical way of saying he’s down but nothing is official.

Apparently Fancher’s story is set just a few years after the end of the first film so Deckard’s involvement makes sense. Now, would there be a legitimate reason why Deckard would look thirty years older? This is why Michael Green is getting paid the big bucks!

Listen, Scott and Ford’s track records have been sketchy lately, especially when it comes to long-awaited sequels. I know no one is jumping with joy regarding this news. I hate to be that guy but maybe – just maybe! – this could all work out. Right? Right?!

At least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself until I am found sobbing in the theater as the end credits for Blade Runner 2 roll.