Two of the best scripted shows in history are going to that great TV Guide in the sky and they’re both shows from AMC. The cash cow at the network is of course The Walking Dead. It’s a guilty pleasure show, dumb as a handful of grass but visceral and soapy in a way that reels ’em in. ┬áIt also has no problem slaughtering its cast which is advice The View and X-Factor ought to consider.

Since two great and fresh shows are ending it makes all the sense in the world that AMC would burp out another show set in Robert Kirkman’s dreary world. Because that one is so richly realized and complex.

I’m sarcastic because I can barely tolerate one Walking Dead. I get it. It’s great business.

But imagine if they got someone actually good and said “Do something good with this universe, I beg of you”. That’s not happening and while the Saul Goodman spin-off seems like a delightful companion piece this feels like a cash grab. With all the negativity towards the network’s treatment of its talent they’re in protection mode. Here’s hoping these undead automatons make enough bank to fuel some new interesting scripted content.

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