cute50 Shades of Grey‘s plot sounds like something out of the day planner of one of the guests from the party scene in Eyes Wide Shut. Except less realistic and more geared towards stirring the loins of repressed housewives. Which it pretty much is. I’m not one for erotic fiction [Judy Blume’s Wifey excluded of course] because I get so much eroticism in my regular life. SO MUCH. Because the books sell like hotcakes or bibles the film is hauling ass towards screens and today it was revealed that there’s a pretty face to put into the persona of the book’s leading character.

Twist: She flew out of Melanie Griffith’s vagina.

Dakota Johnson will be playing Anastasia Steele, a virgin who gets the cherry bondaged out of her. It’s a choice role many of Hollywood’s youngest and brightest have clamored for. Don Johnson and Griffith’s byproduct wins! Charlie Hunnam will play the member she experiences.

We’ll be covering this movie a lot more than we care to in the coming months so just chew on that tidbit for now. The picture I chose for this article showcases a beautiful and alluring young woman so they’ve thusly done a good job of populating the film with eye candy for both sexes.

Not sure what kind of a message this film/book sends but it can’t be good. That said, if there’s tits it’s worth it.

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