MSRP $19.97
STUDIO Shout! Factory
RUNNING TIME 91 minutes
• Interview Featurette
• Theatrical Trailer

The Pitch

An alien drug dealer lands on Earth and Dolph Lundgren is the only man who can stop him.

The Humans

Dolph Lundgren. Matthias Hues. Brian Benben. Betsy Brantley. Craig R. Baxley (director/stunts).

The Nutshell

I Come in Peace is a crime thriller, a cop drama, a drug film and an ass kicking action flick that is all explosions and gunfire. It’s a 7-million dollar movie made in 1990 that gets its hands dirty with some of the best practical effects and stunt work of the time. The production is all about the characters and the action and while the film at times suffers the occasional rough performance and bland set piece, it is an intensely watchable action movie.


Take Schwarzenneger, Stalone and Shane Black at the height of their powers and put them in a blender. Chase it with Dolph Lundgren as the lead and you have I Come in Peace. The story is set in Houston during Christmas and a nasty group of white-collar criminal drug dealers are killing cops and running massive amounts of heroin inside the city. Then an alien appears. A 6’8” Aryan humanoid alien that’s looking to score and manufacture space drugs.


Detective Jack Caine is a tough-guy cop with a problem. His partner just got killed in a drug bust gone wrong and now he’s stuck with a pipsqueak federal agent whether he likes it or not. On top of that, there’s trouble in paradise when his girlfriend starts giving him a hard time for putting his work above their relationship. Jack’s job is to bust the drug ring, but when he discovers an unknown weapon at a crime scene, he reveals the powerful alien enemy.


This movie is best known as the action flick with the flying killer compact disc that spins around slicing throats left and right. This is the first time the film has been released HD and Scream Factory has done an excellent job polishing up this rough 90s gem. This one is a perfect product of its time. Everything from the Alien Nation style titles and the Another 48 Hrs. cinematography to the cool cameos by Michael J. Pollard, Sam Anderson and Al ‘KaBong’ Leong works and works well.

The Package

Excellent transfer and sound topped with a featurette that includes stories and interviews from director Craig R. Baxley, Dolph Lundgren and Brian Benben. It’s worth your dollar to put this on the shelf with Predator, Tango & Cash and Lethal Weapon 2.


Out of a Possible 5 Stars