xboxone It’s been a quiet couple of months from the Microsoft front, as they prepare for the uphill battle that faces them coming into AAA Bloodbath 2013, but at last, from their appearance at Gamescom, we now know what the XBox One will be coming armed with on day 1 when it launches in November stateside:

  • Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag
  • Battlefield 4
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • Crimson Dragon
  • Dead Rising 3
  • FIFA 14
  • Fighter Within
  • Forza Motorsport 5
  • Just Dance 2014
  • Killer Instinct
  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
  • Lococycle
  • Madden NFL 25
  • NBA 2K14
  • NBA LIVE 14
  • Need for Speed: Rivals
  • Peggle 2
  • Powerstar Golf
  • Ryse: Son of Rome
  • Skylanders: Swap Force
  • Watch Dogs
  • Zoo Tycoon
  • Zumba Fitness: World Party

So, that’s 23 games. Six exclusives (Crimson Dragon, Fighter Within, Dead Rising, Forza, Killer Instinct, and Ryse), with Peggle 2 as a timed exclusive. The others will be multiplatform/generation. This is roughly the ratio that went down with the 360, though there’s no surprise critical darling exclusive like Condemned that seems to stick out from the herd. Actually, there aren’t really any surprises, period, and with most of these games playable on 360, the incentive to trade up isn’t terribly strong from that bunch. On paper, anyway. The next gen versions of these titles might very well make their current gen counterparts look ridden hard and put away wet. But it’s up to Microsoft to show us that. Sony will have their Gamecom conference and launch announcements later today. They already missed their chance for Jack Tretton to interrupt the Microsoft conference like Stone Cold Steve Austin, but I suppose a strong launch lineup will make up for it, I guess.

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