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I’m not sure how I missed seeing this before the weekend, but straight from Bret McKenzie’s mouth (and Collider’s site) comes news that something potentially awesome could come from his recent connection with The Muppets.

Not only did The Muppets bring Kermit and the gang back to the big screen, it also brought us as close as we will probably ever get to new Flight Of The Conchords music.  For that I am grateful.  Bret’s voice was evident through the whole soundtrack, so it great news (and obvious) that he came back again to work with his Flight Of The Conchords‘ director James Bobin for the sequel Muppets Most Wanted.  Even better news: all that time with the Muppets has lead Bret McKenzie to begin work on a live action “fairy tale comedy musical” with puppets that will feature singing dragons and other monsters.  McKenzie references such films as Labyrinth, The Princess Bride, and The Muppets to give an idea of tone.

While McKenzie is the credited writer on the project, James Bobin is working close with him on the film’s development.  The script is still early in development, McKenzie warns, but it’s his favorite thing he’s working on at the moment.

The only way a film like this is likely to be made is if Muppets Most Wanted plays so well Bobin and McKenzie are given a free pass to do whatever they want for their next project.  I hope it does happen, and I hope it’s every bit as weird as it sounds.  If I can’t get a new tour, album, or third season from Flight Of The Conchords I will happily settle for this.