Damn Sly, take it easy.

In what would appear to be related tweets, Sylvester Stallone has gleefully announced the ejection of Bruce Willis from his Expendables franchise, with Harrison Ford joining on (in his place?) for the Patrick Hughes-directed third entry.

94120__willis_lSo, did Willis want too much, was he unwilling to schedule himself around the production? Both? Is there some universe in which Stallone tweets such a thing and it’s not a backhanded comment at his actor pal? The tweets have been up for hours, so it’s not like Sly is worried about any lingering confusion.

It’s not clear if Ford will be playing a CIA liaison-type role that would outright replace Willis’ “Mr. Church” spot, but one would assume the 71-year-old isn’t going to be hitting the stuntwork too hard regardless. Ford joins Nic Cage, Wesley Snipes, Milla Jovovich, and Jackie Chan among the new faces.