Whether you care or not, Bangkok Dangerous is coming. And as I said previously, I’m looking forward to it. And as the title of this article says, we now have a better look at what we’re in for, courtesy of IGN.

Unfortunately, this new domestic trailer doesn’t show much in the way of action, most likely because it’s green band, and the movie contains, you know, blood.

What we do get to see is the cool visual style the Pang Brothers bring with them. The trailer shows that the film will be flashy; unfortunately, since you can’t reasonably expect much in the way of substance from this film, I can’t help but worry it won’t be flashy enough.

It’s also worth noting that it doesn’t look like Cage is trying too hard here, which is also worrisome. I don’t know how much more I can take of Nic Cage being terrible. It’s the kind of thing that hurts me deep inside. What I’m saying is that it ANALLY RAPES me.

Either way, we’ll all find out for sure if those concerns are valid on August 22. Or at least I will.

By the way, that Extreme Close-Up of Cage’s face right there is part of the new poster for the flick. You can see the whole thing, which I find strangely compelling, over at ComingSoon, who has it exclusively.