The Underground is our recurring feature, resurrected from an all-time great CHUD column, the aim of which is to get the word out on projects outside the Hollywood studio system.  Studio films have big promotion engines behind them.  The Underground caters to everything else: from indie films, to cult films in the making, pet projects, guerrilla films, internet shorts, etc.

My Father & Man in BlackMy Father and the Man in Black

Distributor: New Chapter Productions
Their Skinny: The only inside look at ‘bad boy’ Johnny Cash, as seen through the eyes of his former manager, Canadian impresario Saul Holiff, the man who put Johnny together with June Carter, and a son looking for his father in the shadow of a legend through newly discovered audio diaries and telephone calls between Cash and Holiff from the 1960s and 1970s. Following his father’s suicide, director Jonathan Holiff discovers hundreds of letters and audio diaries, including secretly recorded phone calls with Johnny Cash during his crazed pill-fueled 1960s jags, triumphs at Folsom and San Quentin, wedding to June Carter, and his conversion in the early 1970s to born-again Christian. These artifacts show a behind-the-scenes view of the complex relationship between an icon of 20th century music and his long-suffering manager.  Their collaboration created a superstar while each struggled with personal demons.  Mixing never-before-seen footage, creative re-enactments and poignant voice-over narration, it is also a catharsis for its maker.
Oliver’s Skinny: I like some of his songs, but I’m not necessarily a big Johnny Cash fan.  However, I’m getting ready to see it and it looks interesting.  The only thing that worries me is that it features re-enactments, and if they’re not done right, the whole thing will come off looking cornball.
Is There Going To Be A Review?  Yes, the week of release.
How Do The Chewers See It: Opens in L.A. and New York on September 6.
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Thanks For SharingThanks For Sharing

Distributor: Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions
Their Skinny: From Academy Award®-nominated screenwriter and first-time director Stuart Blumberg (THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT), THANKS FOR SHARING is a sharply comic and deeply moving look at a new kind of modern family, as a group of friends in recovery learns to face life together with heart, humor and humility. Academy Award-nominee Mark Ruffalo, Academy Award-winner Tim Robbins and Broadway star Josh Gad (“The Book of Mormon”) anchor a stellar ensemble that includes Academy Award-winner Gwyneth Paltrow and pop star Alecia Moore (“Get the Party Started”) in her first film role.
Oliver’s Skinny: Cast is the opposite of shabby.  While I’m not big on romantic comedies, this looks like something quite a bit more.  And after Avengers, I’ll give anything with Mark Ruffalo a looksee. Can’t wait to see the superhero smackdown when Stark finds out puny Banner is making time with his girl.
Is There Going To Be A Review? I’ve got to talk to Thanos to see if it’ll be alright..
How Do The Chewers See It: It opens in theatres on September 20.
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As I Lay DyingAs I Lay Dying

Distributor: Millennium Entertainment
Their Skinny:  Directed by Oscar-nominated James Franco from a screenplay by James Franco and Matt Rager, As I Lay Dying is adapted from the 1930 classic American novel by William Faulkner. The story chronicles the Bundren family as they traverse the Mississippi countryside to bring the body of their deceased mother Addie to her hometown for burial. Addie’s husband Anse and their children, Cash, Darl, Jewel, Dewey Dell, and the youngest one Vardaman, leave the farm on a carriage with her coffin – each affected by Addie’s death in a profound and different way. Their road trip to Jefferson, some forty miles away, is disrupted by every antagonistic force of nature or man: flooded rivers, injury and accident, a raging barn fire, and not least of all — each individual character’s personal turmoil and inner commotion which at times threaten the fabric of the family more than any outside force.
Oliver’s Skinny: I got nothing on this one.
Is There Going To Be A Review? If the good Lord wills it.
How Do The Chewers See It:  It opens in theatres on September 27.
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Good Ol' FredaGood Ol’ Freda

Distributor: Magnolia Pictures
Their Skinny: Directed and co-produced by Ryan White (Pelada, Perry v. Schwarzenegger) and co-produced by award-winning photographer Kathy McCabe who initiated and engineered the production of GOOD OL’ FREDA. Freda Kelly was just a shy Liverpudlian teenager when she was asked to work for a local band hoping to make it big. Though she had no concept of how far they would go, Freda had faith in The Beatles from the beginning, and The Beatles had faith in her.History notes that The Beatles were together for 10 years, but Freda worked for them for 11. Many people came in and out of the band’s circle as they grew to international stardom, but Freda remained a staple because of her unfaltering loyalty and dedication. As the Beatles’ devoted secretary and friend, Freda was there as history unfolded; she was witness to the evolution – advances and setbacks, breakthroughs and challenges – of the greatest band in history.  In GOOD OL’ FREDA, Freda tells her stories for the first time in 50 years. One of few films with the support of the living Beatles and featuring original Beatles music, the film offers an insider perspective on the beloved band that changed the music industry.The film includes the following songs: Arthur Alexander – Anna, The Beatles – I Saw Her Standing There, Ketty Lester – Love Letters, The Isley Brothers – Twist and Shout, The Beatles – Love Me Do, Fats Domino – I’m Ready, Buddy Holly – Words of Love, The Drifters – Some Kind of Wonderful, The Marvelettes – Please Mr. Postman, The Beatles – I Feel Fine, The Shirelles – Boys, The Cookies – Chains, Carl Perkins – Honey Don’t, Little Richard – Long Tall Sally, The Beatles – I Will.
Oliver’s Skinny: Looks like no trailer for this yet, so I got nothing. Beatle fanatics will probably eat this up, though.
Is There Going To Be A Review? Looks interesting, so hopefully.  Hell, I’d review it just for that soundtrack.
How Do The Chewers See It:  Available On Demand/iTunes and in theatres on September 13.
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