Spike Lee heard what all the kids were doing on Kickstarter with their Zach Braffs and marshmallows and decided he can do it too. The diference? Man ain’t tellin’ you SHIT. Other than a promise not to remake Blacula, the Oldboy director’s project is a mystery.

d73ba10328f8dca435c7defe763c73d3That’s right, based entirely on his history and the promise of something different than another franchise VFX film, Spike Lee his written “auteur” on his digital paper cup and is shaking it alongside Braff and the others. And I’m all about it. Leverage ’em if you got ’em, I say.

If you take a close look at the rewards, Lee and crew are offering rewards that actually line up pretty well to what you pay! No, this is still not an equity thing, and there are a lot of signed items and personalized tweets, but this is basically Lee putting the ball in his fanbase’s collective court to get something done.

I’ve watched the back and forth on this whole Kickstarter thing with all of these project, and I’m interested to see how the conversation twists when a respected auteur uses the platform, and does so in such a starkly simple way. I figure on a lot of logical gymnastics on why he’s brilliant for doing it (and it is a good idea) and why the others weren’t, but we’ll see.

Will you be contributing?