I am officially afraid of GTA V.

It’s one thing to be told over and over again that GTA V would be the most ambitious Grand Theft Auto ever, but one thing to see it in action and realize just how far that ambition stretches.

Three protagonists, you can switch between at any time, multiple options and approaches for heists, MASSIVE landscape, covering every environment imaginable, from urban sprawl, to Hollywood decadence, to lush wilderness, from mountains, to underwater exploration–there’s SCUBA DIVING, FOR FUCK’S SAKE–full character customization for the first time in GTA, a full fledged stock market, BASE jumping, game hunting, tennis, golf, rappelling down buildings, teasing a full Los Angeles’ worth of online play, HARRIER JETS IN MULTI. That’s to say nothing of the sums total of good gameplay ideas gleaned from Midnight Club Los Angeles and Max Payne 3 we see glimpses of.

This game is a BEAST. And it’s coming for us all.

September 17th just got a little more ominous. Pre-order here. Schedule some vacation time now.

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