in saturns ringsYou may have run across some the original viral footage of Outside In from filmmaker/animator Stephen van Vuuren at some point in the last few years. The filmmaker has been working with millions of NASA space photos to stitch together and animate beautiful scenes, flying through space. There’s a heavy emphasis on the fact that no VFX techniques were used, including none of the photoshop cloning and painting usually involved in such techniques.

Now we have a full trailer for the result of van Vuuren’s labor, the non-profit, full-length IMAX film  and if you’ve got the screen to show it and the processor to run it, it’s available in full 4k. The YouTube embed below merely needs to be set to “original” resolution to see it. I’m fortunate enough to be working on a high-density display with some decent internet, and watching the 4K trailer knocked my socks off. Regardless of resolution  this looks to be a stunning IMAX experience.

The film hits the really big screens next spring. You can check out the film’s website here.