So a Metal Gear Solid film has been in “the works” (meaning: Columbia has the rights) for some time, and producer Michael De Luca wants to actually move forward with the project. And he told ComingSoon “they hope to meet with [Kurt] Wimmer in the next few weeks to talk about him writing the script (and presumably directing).” Let’s “presume” that last bit is ComingSoon’s own musings since there aren’t any direct quotes

First off, I would hope having Wimmer direct a Metal Gear Solid movie would be anything but a logical assumption. In fact, I would hope that he will be in director jail for many more years for Ultraviolet, which is among the worst movies of the last few years* (that is, admittedly, a large group). And I imagine that those MGS fans ComingSoon says were clamoring for Wimmer to make the film five years ago would have shut up after they saw Ultraviolet.

Plus, you have to take into account that Wimmer is a screenwriter first and director second. He directs occasionally and writes pretty regularly.

Or maybe I’m wrong, and in a month I’ll be writing about Wimmer taking on directing duties on the MGS film. But I’m going to assume that I’m not.

Having Wimmer as the film’s screenwriter probably wouldn’t result in that for which all video game fans have been waiting so long: a legitimately good video game adaptation. There is only one film the guy has written that turned out to be anything more than simply “alright,” and that one film, Equilibrium, being “pretty cool” was not because it had a great story or dialogue or any of that stuff for which the writer is responsible. Basically, having Wimmer write MGS would be par for the course of video game movies.

And keep in mind that Wimmer is not even definitely involved. De Luca merely wants to “take a meeting” with him.

*It’s irrelevant that the film was taken out of his hands in editing. It would have been horrible either way.