For a film Sam and Ivan Raimi wrote in the early ‘90s and beginning production in three weeks (it was delayed by two weeks from the 17th, probably because of that Ellen Page thing), we know surprisingly little about the plot of Drag Me to Hell. We know that it is about someone who is cursed. We know, as Variety points out, that said cursed person is an “unwitting recipient” of said curse. We know Alison Lohman is in the film. And now we know her character has a boyfriend, who will be played by Justin Long.

There was a time when I though Long was going to be a big star, but it’s become clear that he has little interest in attempting to position himself as such and is OK with merely being an mid-level star. As of late, he’s been jumping on projects that basically let him fool around, with some (Live Free or Die Hard, Alvin and the Chipmunks) earning him a lot of money.

Ultimately, though, all that matters is the guy is hilarious. Actually, that probably matters very little for this film. What does matter for Drag Me to Hell is that Long was great in his lone role in a horror movie, that of Darry in Jeepers Creepers. So there.