Leave it to Bobcat Goldthwait to do something as bonkers as make a fully-earnest horror film that takes a found-footage approach to making Bigfoot scary. That’s Willow Creek though, and from the look of it Bobcat has taken found footage all the way back to its Blair Witch Project roots.

My understanding from tweets around its festival debut is that the film is pretty good, that it’s a genuine horror flick, that it uses earnest humor at the start to twist up the tension as it goes along, and that it’s got some solid filmmaking in it. Disappointment with God Bless America aside, I really do root for Goldthwait as a filmmaker, so I can’t wait to see this one for myself. Horror and and heartfelt humor go a long way together (something M. Night Shyamalan used ┬áto great effect back when he made real movies), and it makes total sense that Goldthwait would have a strong handle on it.

The film plays Montreal soon but has no distributor so far. If you want to see it, spread the word…

Source | BAD