If you haven’t played Hotline Miami yet (what are ya, squemish?) Sony’s giving you a chance to rectify that mistake on June 25th as the game makes its triumphant PS3 & Vita debut. According to the Playstation Blog, for $9.99 not only do you get the original game on both platforms, you’ll also get access to a new exclusive “Russel the Raging Bull” mask which slaps a black & white filter on the gameplay. It’s sort of like playing the world’s most violent Gameboy game. In addition to the new mask, the game will also include trophies and leaderboards, as well as touch controls for the Vita. Considering Hotline Miami 2 is fast approaching, now’s a good chance to catch up on the indie darling that’s shot, stabbed and bludgeoned its way into our hearts.

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