In an exclusive, Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Warner Bros. is once again keen to get a Logan’s Run remake going, and they’ve tapped Bioshock creator Ken Levine to pen the screenplay.

For gamers, this is a no-brainer, brilliant move that in no way makes up for that $150 million, Gore Verbinski-helmed, hard-R Bioshock flick that almost happened. Dystopian cities, classism, technology gone wrong, barely-veiled commentary on organized religion and politics. Hell, the one detail I remember from reading the book in high school is that there was a fancy multi-chambered gun that shot different kinds of bullets. Levine can write this stuff in his sleep at this point.

The article also promises that writing the film won’t take Levine too far from his duties at Irrational, so take a deep breath, anyone thinking this was going to set back the DLC forĀ Bioshock Infinite any.

For non-gaming fans of the book/film, however, rest assured that yes, this is an amazing choice. But then, this movie’s been a revolving door of amazing choices since the mid-aughts. Thinking outside the established filmmaker box is a good sign that maybe they’re looking to kick this project in the ass a lot harder than before, though. We’ll see how this pans out.
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