We’ve gotten glimpses of the crew that will surround Nick Frost and Simon Pegg in the two trailers for The World’s End, and now each of the apocalyptic pub crawlers has a one-sheet of their own. Note the use of Pub names to characterize each member of the team, or at least take a wonderfully cheap joke in Pegg’s case.


Ultimately The World’s End is just a no brainer- one of those films that is an event needing no promotion for Wright fans. Other than tease the scifi stuff and promise a tonal and structural mashup of Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz to cap off his trilogy, the trailers are really just tell me the who, what, and when.

All that said, I have to say Martin Freeman’s face might represent the most egregiously photoshopped mug to ever grace a theatrical film’s one sheet, and that is saying something. Motherfucker looks like a pastel drawing.





¬†Also, I ‘m pretty disappointed that weird robot from the second trailer doesn’t have a poster. I say fuck that! I’ll make my own!


via Empire